Onyx Point Closes Acquisition of Peloton Systems to Bolster Cybersecurity and Technology Offerings, Expand Reach Across US Government Clients


Onyx Point has closes acquisition and integration of Peloton Systems, a leading provider of risk assessment and cloud security for federal agencies.

HANOVER, MD & WASHINGTON, DC – Onyx Point, LLC, a leading cybersecurity and technology services provider for the intelligence community, has closed the acquisition and integration of Peloton Systems LLC, a leading provider of risk assessment and cloud security for federal agencies.

The acquisition serves to bolster Onyx Point’s full-service suite of security and compliance solutions across on-premises and cloud environments The combined team of over 80 highly cleared employees bring best-in-class security and automation technology to the US government and enterprise customers, helping to mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and adapt to change.

"The combined companies will enhance Onyx Point’s capabilities to bolster our combined service offerings in the cyber security governance arena and government regulated environments" said Jay Stoner, President of Onyx Point. "We are excited with the acquisition of Peloton Systems as we continue to diversify our services offerings across all government agencies and continue down our path of keeping security at the forefront of developed architectual solutions."

"We are very pleased to join forces with Onyx Point,” said Jim Graham, CEO of Peloton. “Together we'll continue to serve a variety of government agencies and merge our teams’ technological expertise, security experience, and collaborative culture.”

The move to acquire Peloton Systems first started in early 2022 with Onyx Point seeking to diversify its service offerings across government agencies and expand its technology solutions. The process took nine months, and the integration was finalized in May 2023. Customers interested in working with Onyx Point should reach out via Contact Us.

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About Peloton Systems, LLC

Peloton Systems is a trusted leader in the cybersecurity industry, with focus on cloud computing and Federal government risk management. Applying best practices, along with innovation, to deliver and operate cybersecurity solutions in the cloud, on-premise infrastructure and hybrid environments.