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Sicura Announces Seed Raise to Scale Compliance Automation Platform, Spins Out from Onyx Point to Accelerate Commercial Traction in Cybersecurity and IT Infrastructure

Onyx Point

Sicura Announces Seed Raise to Scale Compliance Automation Platform

BALTIMORE, MD — Sicura, a new Baltimore-based cybersecurity software platform providing enterprise-grade, code-level security and compliance automation on top of an open source core, announced today a seed round of financing led by Squadra Ventures.

The investment will be used to accelerate business operations and sales capacity, advance product development, quality assurance testing, and the system dashboard capabilities of the company’s core product.

The Sicura team spun out of Onyx Point, a Hanover-based government contractor specializing in IT infrastructure security, after realizing significant commercial market opportunity.

“After reaching $1M in revenue with minimal investments in sales and marketing, we knew we had an opportunity for larger commercialization. Last year we were able to find that growth ...

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