Design. Deliberate. Evolve.

 You can’t improve it unless you understand it. You can’t control it unless you comprehend what happens. — Anonymous 

Effective Systems Engineering is not just about the system, it is both an art and science where success is defined through the accomplishments of its users. This requires a delicate balance of Technical Leadership and System Management, of creativity and discipline. Most of our customers do not have the luxury of creating systems from ‘scratch.’ As such, we focus on the practical evolution of their existing systems to support the users, the task, the technologies, and the environment.

We bridge the communication gap between engineers, developers, operators, and the user community. Our System Engineers are effective communicators and problem solvers who practice system thinking with a technical acumen, while always keeping quality, time, and cost at the forefront. We focus on business need, technical design, and technical integrity while managing the complexities associated with the many technical disciplines, multiple organizations, and the various stakeholders engaged in these efforts.

Our collective capabilities and certifications include:

  • Cloud Administration and Integration
  • Data Flow Management
  • Logistics
  • Risk Management
  • Design, Network+
  • Cloudera Certified
  • Cisco Certified
  • Puppet Certified
  • PMP
  • AWS and Azure certifications
  • Certified RedHat Administrators and Engineers
  • Scrum Master Certified
  • SAFe Certifications, Oracle Professional
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner