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Brandon Riden

16 September 2019

Onyx Point, Inc. is pleased to announce that the final release for SIMP 6.4.0-0 is now available.

Community Edition ISOs can be downloaded from our download servers.

Enterprise customers can obtain the Enterprise Edition ISOs using the instructions.

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judy johnson

14 March 2019

Early in February, one of our co-workers gave us an opportunity to work with a group of young women in middle school interested in STEM. A few of us got together with the young women, and with the guidance of one of our own homegrown middle-schoolers, we selected a resource and a project to do. The middle-schoolers even went as far as to help us think up some hashtags for the event (#girlsdotech #girlsrule #supergirltech). After Onyx Point, Inc. agreed to supply us a room and some snacks, we advertised, planned some more, and rehearsed until the event happened. It was a huge success!

techgirlz, diversity, programming, OOP

Brandon Riden

05 March 2019

A new version of SIMP (6.3.3) is now available. Late in the release process for 6.3.2, a user-lockout bug was discovered in the sssd module. Since we had already uploaded some assets to the download servers, we decided to forego the full release of 6.3.2 and start immediately on 6.3.3. Below you can find updated modules from both versions, as well as links to the changelogs and files.

programming, open-source, simp, enterprise

Brandon Riden

14 January 2019

Onyx Point, Inc. is delighted to announce that the final release for SIMP 6.3.0-0 is now available. Community Edition ISOs have been uploaded to our download servers. Enterprise customers can obtain the Enterprise Edition ISOs using the instructions here.

programming, open-source, simp, enterprise

Steven Pritchard

14 December 2018

This post is the second post in a three-part series on Puppet module development using the Puppet Development Kit (PDK), adapted from a presentation for the St. Louis Puppet Users Group.

puppet, pdk, rspec, testing, programming, technical

judy johnson

18 October 2018

The internet is full of data… and full of data about data (metadata). It is presented to us in many ways. There are tables and lists and graphs (Oh My!), all just a mouse-click away (or maybe two, or seven, or maybe you need pages to get through it). However, there are many reasons you may want your data in a different format. Perhaps you need a new way to gather/present data for accessibility reasons, or perhaps you simply need to be able to save it offline. Maybe you want to send a memo to your boss (or professor) showing how many people have cloned your GitHub repo (or, in the case of my demo, we’ll demonstrate how many people have starred it). Maybe your organization requires a listing of trouble tickets that requires some field manipulation that the GUI itself cannot perform. Or maybe you want to leave your job as a software developer and become a social media specialist, so you’d like to quantify your twitter popularity in a spreadsheet… So, let’s learn about APIs!

api, ruby, git, github, programming, automation, json, rest

Brandon Riden

10 October 2018

Onyx Point, Inc. is delighted to announce that the final release for SIMP 6.2.0-0 is now available. Community Edition ISOs have been uploaded to the download servers and Enterprise Edition ISOs are available via the customer support portal for current Enterprise customers.

programming, open-source, simp, enterprise

Steven Pritchard

20 September 2018

This post is the first in a three-part series on Puppet module development using the Puppet Development Kit (PDK), adapted from a presentation for the St. Louis Puppet Users Group.

puppet, pdk, rspec, testing, programming, technical

Dylan Cochran

21 August 2018

Introducing SIMP Console

Current versions of SIMP Community Edition (CE) and SIMP Enterprise Edition (EE) ship with a full ELG stack that includes Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Grafana to provide a web dashboard to view the status of your environment. While this provided insights into what systems are doing, there were limitations. Elasticsearch and Logstash can require a lot of administration overhead in larger environments. Grafana is built to show graphs that change over time. While excellent for showing high level views of data over time, Grafana has issues with going into details when reporting large amounts of information on individual systems. Grafana has also prevented any reasonable way of command and control for users that wanted to be able to take actions on the data reported.

For new versions of SIMP Enterprise Edition, we are adding the SIMP Console, the new graphical user interface that integrates feature requests for SIMP that we received from our existing web dashboard users as well as new features our engineers have been excited to include.

With SIMP Console, the framework is more open to users and allows more command/control options while still being as flexible and extensible as possible. SimpEE customers will be able to customize the information users can see and what sources are being polled. The SIMP Console is designed for customers to integrate into their existing IT infrastructure and internal policies as much as possible

New details will be added to our website in the coming weeks. Follow us for information about our Beta availability (for existing SimpEE customers) and blog posts about some of the SIMP Console’s new features

Introducing SimpLE

On the heels of SIMP Console, we’d also like to announce a new edition of SIMP, SIMP Lite Edition (LE), or as we’ve come to call it, SimpLE.

SIMP Lite Edition combines SIMP Console with SIMP Compliance Engine. SimpLE will give users the opportunity to use SIMP Console to view and configure their fully customized install of SimpLE into their established environment without having to purchase the entire Enterprise Edition suite. Organizations can create custom profile content or add additional pre-configured compliance profile content.

SIMP Lite Edition offers a balance of features between the Open Source SIMP Community Edition (CE) and the commercial Enterprise Edition. It is a licensed, commercial edition of SIMP designed for users that need to implement a variety of customized compliance standards into their existing environments and software stacks.

Onyx Point, Inc. has developed SIMP Lite Edition to enable you to incorporate SIMP into your existing infrastructure, your way

programming, open-source, simp, enterprise, simp console

Jesse Roland

09 August 2018


So you want to propose a serious software solution to your team but find yourself hesitating before stepping forward to suggest using a blockchain. The term has come to have a skewed meaning in today’s world with the hysteria surrounding the cryptocurrency phenomena. In reality, a blockchain is essentially a chain of data that uses hashes to ensure integrity.

programming, open-source, security, blockchain

Clayton Mentzer

24 July 2018

This post follows up on the previous SetUID Runners article by taking a deeper look at code and rationale for specific features. In the previous post we outlined our goals and process for the first phase of ongoing work to improve security and functionality of GitLab CI Runners at the Department of Energy’s (DoE) High Performance Computing (HPC) labs. If you haven’t seen it, you can read it here

programming, gitlab, open-source, DoE, security

Clayton Mentzer

18 July 2018

GitLab’s built in continuous integration (CI) tools are some of the best in the industry. Onyx Point has been leading an effort to improve GitLab’s CI security. Continue reading to learn more about how Onyx Point has implemented more secure job access controls in high-performance computing infrastructures.

programming, open-source, gitlab, DoE, security

Trevor Vaughan

04 June 2018

I was recently testing some puppet code that required a modification to the server_facts inbuilt variables.

This led me to discover that the puppet catalog is not recompiled at each run of compile.

puppet, testing, rspec-puppet, programming

Trevor Vaughan

26 May 2018


Several feature requests have been opened for various types of gitlab-ci.yml linting capabilities [1] [2] [3] [4]

Many of our customers do not have regular Internet access and many of them, being highly regulated, cannot install local copies of GitLab to be able to run against the provided API.

gitlab, testing, programming

Trevor Vaughan

10 December 2017

The Problem

While creating a custom type for cleaning up stunnel::instance artifacts on the system, I needed to get a list of services that were running on the current host.

This is also something that the svckill native type requires, and was implemented manually in the past, so I thought that there had to be a more reusable method built into Puppet.

programming, puppet, ruby

Trevor Vaughan

24 October 2016


programming, puppet, ruby, simp

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