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Amanda Arnold

13 February 2017

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Amanda Arnold

17 September 2015

SIMP LogoOnyx Point Vice-President and co-founder, ‘trevor_vaughan’, will present The Systems Integrity Management Platform (SIMP) to the IT automation community at this year’s PuppetConf.

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Trevor Vaughan

10 July 2015

Onyara and Onyx Point are excited to announce our partnership to provide training services for Apache NiFi (incubating), an open source dataflow platform. Onyara’s co-founders have supported the development of NiFi software for the past eight years. During that time, NiFi’s unique UI and security-enabled dataflow capabilities drove adoption by government enterprises. Since NiFi was open sourced in December 2014, private and public sector enterprises have leveraged NiFi’s provenance features to solve data challenges across the IoT, financial services, and healthcare verticals. Onyx Point provides information security and infrastructure automation services to it’s clients, and employs Subject Matter Experts who have collectively delivered thousands of hours of NiFi software training.

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