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judy johnson

25 December 2018

During this season of cheer
We hope to have something to share
If you are on call
Or just bored of it all
Try singing the verses we’ve here!

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Jessica Sauers

13 September 2018

Onyx Point, LLC. is a company invested in its community. The company founders have long since been involved with various organizations on a personal level and encourage all of their employees to also be active within their own communities

Jessica Sauers, a Program Manager for Onyx Point, LLC., is not only a kitten foster for the Baltimore Humane Society, but she is also an advocate and volunteer for the House of Ruth Maryland.

outreach, volunteer, me too, blog, women in tech, love where you work

Lisa Umberger

06 September 2018

There are so many technology companies today! In fact, you might say every company is now some kind of tech company given how much they rely on technology to function. So when I looked up one day this summer and realized I had been with the same organization for 7 years I wanted to take a deeper look into “why”. Why in this highly marketable industry would someone stay with one organization for 7 years?!

blog, work life balance, women in tech, diversity, love where you work

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