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Jessica Sauers

15 November 2018

Judy has been a software engineer for over thirty-five years, and has been at Onyx Point since 2015. Jessica interviews her to talk about current technology, innovation, and being a woman in tech.

diversity, women in tech, women engineers, women in computing, female programmers

Lisa Umberger

06 September 2018

There are so many technology companies today! In fact, you might say every company is now some kind of tech company given how much they rely on technology to function. So when I looked up one day this summer and realized I had been with the same organization for 7 years I wanted to take a deeper look into “why”. Why in this highly marketable industry would someone stay with one organization for 7 years?!

blog, work life balance, women in tech, diversity, love where you work

Iris Kwok

23 August 2018

In July, I was very fortunate to be in beautiful Vancouver to attend the Design & Content Conference hosted by Republic of Quality. I’ve never been to such a large design conference before and I was super excited to connect with other designers and see the diversity of speakers and talks. I was not disappointed – I was so inspired by all the fantastic talks and the new friends I made. I gained so much to bring back to my work at Onyx Point, Inc.

design, ux, content, inclusion, diversity

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