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Kara Pritchard

08 April 2019

Whereas Puppet excels at being a big-picture large-scale configuration management tool to maintain a pre-defined state over time, users of Ansible have long since enjoyed support for more of a one-off approach for implementation and deployment solutions. Puppet rolled out Bolt in 2017 to better address needs for these users. Puppet Bolt is currently running version 1.15 as of April 2019.

puppet, bolt, ansible, devops

judy johnson

25 December 2018

During this season of cheer
We hope to have something to share
If you are on call
Or just bored of it all
Try singing the verses we’ve here!

simp, puppet, git, security, devops, love where you work, holidays

Dylan Cochran

09 November 2018

In this month’s dev diary, we have SIMP 6.3 beta news, updates on the SIMP Console, the SIMP free trials, and two new testing programs!

simp, devops, puppet, onyxpoint

Jessica Sauers

18 June 2018

Energy science hinges on High Performance Computing (HPC), and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) scientists write millions of lines of scientific simulation code every year to drive new discoveries. Simulations need to be tested and kept up to date, and the demand among scientists for robust continuous integration (CI) is growing.

gitlab, exascale computing project, ci, devops, DOE, HPC

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