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As organizations move more of their IT operations to the cloud, they are putting more of their data and infrastructure at risk. Today’s cyberattacks are focused not only on the theft and manipulation of data but also threaten the operations of core infrastructures and utilities needed to support entire nations. Insufficient planning and maintenance of your infrastructure’s security can aid these cyber terrorists by gifting them with significant IT resources and power if they gain access to your systems. As attacks grow more complex your security, dev, and ops teams need tools built with the power and agility to meet these threats head on. With SIMP, your organization can have a tool that continuously monitors and remediates systems to sustain compliance with security baselines tailored to any organization’s needs.

In 2007 the NSA was doing research into creating repeatable, expedited ATO processes. They noted that this research was starting to be repeated by other Agencies and Departments and they decided to Open Source the work to allow for deduplication of effort and external user contribution.

SIMP (System Integrity Management Platform) is a security and compliance automation framework that leverages Open Source technologies, including Puppet, to manage, monitor, and maintain your infrastructure according to your custom-developed policies.

Onyx Point, Inc. has developed three editions of SIMP to best address the needs of a wide variety of infrastructure and organization types: Community Edition (CE), Enterprise Edition (EE), and Lite Edition (LE).

SIMP Community Edition (CE)

A free and Open Source edition of SIMP originally designed for turn-key Linux networks inside controlled-access enclaves. SimpCE contains the core framework, which gives you compliance automation and reporting, bundled with Open Source modules for CentOS and Red Hat Linux.

SIMP Lite Edition (LE)

A licensed commercial edition of SIMP designed for commercial users that need to tailor a variety of compliance standards into their existing environments and software stacks. SimpLE contains the foundational framework, which gives you compliance automation and reporting, as well as includes the exclusive SIMP Console. SimpLE, allows you to configure your environment using your existing customized modules and policies. SimpLE enables you to incorporate SIMP into your existing infrastructure, your way.

SIMP Enterprise Edition (EE)

A licensed commercial edition of SIMP designed for commercial or government users that need wider platform support and want out of the box compliance options. SimpEE contains everything that exists within SimpCE, as well as the SIMP Console, more extensive premium built-in enterprise profiles, and new Windows support features.

Feature Community Edition (CE) Lite Edition (LE) Enterprise Edition (EE)
SIMP Compliace Engine (SCE)
NIST Compliance Profile
DISA STIG Compliance Profile
Built-in Linux Puppet Modules
SIMP Console
Built-in Windows Puppet Modules
Premium Compliance Profiles for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, and more!
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