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SIMP is an automated framework to easily monitor, manage, and maintain compliance across your environments so you can focus on productivity.

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SIMP Windows is CIS Certified for enforcement and remediation Learn More

Reach your compliance goals with SIMP and the SIMP Console

Meet regulatory standards

Achieve compliance and meet your industry standards, whether it is PCI-DSS, DISA STIG, CIS, NIST 800-53, HIPAA, or custom internal policies.

Enforce and Remediate CIS Benchmarks

The SIMP Windows Server toolkit not only reports the state of your CIS compliance, it has also been certified by CIS to enforce and remediate CIS benchmarks for you.

CIS Benchmarks

Get a comprehensive overview

The Console dashboard gives you comprehensive information at a glance. See how compliant your systems are and immediately identify the issues.

SIMP Console overview of nodes

Remediate fast

SIMP provides actionable data and the exact code you need to use to solve your compliance issues so you can reduce your remediation efforts.

The drawer contains the necessary remediation code

Automate repetitive and manual tasks

Spend less time managing infrastructure and more time on IT innovation and business goals.

Puppet automated remediation

Prove your compliance

Generate a full complement of reports to share with team members, stakeholders, and auditors. Catalog Compliance provides you with detailed access to your Puppet Catalog, highlighting the relationship between compliant values and the Puppet parameters that control them.

SIMP Console Reports

Communicate with your team

Provide the right information and insight to the right people. Your security team and system administrators can receive notifications and reports on active findings on a specified group of hosts. Work in a DevOps best practice environment.

SIMP Console can send notifications through email, Slack, or GitLab
SIMP Community Edition (CE)

A free and Open Source edition of SIMP originally designed for turn-key Linux networks inside controlled-access enclaves. SimpCE contains the core framework, which gives you compliance automation and reporting, bundled with Open Source modules for CentOS and Red Hat Linux.

SIMP Enterprise Edition (EE)

A licensed commercial edition of SIMP designed for commercial or government users that need wider platform support and want out of the box compliance options. SimpEE contains everything that exists within SimpCE, as well as the SIMP Console, more extensive premium built-in enterprise profiles, and new Windows support features.

Feature Community Edition (CE) Enterprise Edition (EE)
SIMP Compliance Engine (SCE)
NIST Compliance Profile
DISA STIG Compliance Profile
Built-in Linux Puppet Modules
SIMP Console Dashboard
Built-in Windows Puppet Modules
Premium Compliance Profiles for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, and more!
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