Running RHEL 7 Docker Containers in AWS

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Hanover, MD, 14 July 2018

I recently needed to run some tests on a RHEL 7 system but needed a subscription to do so. The easiest and cheapest method for testing on RHEL is to spin up a small instance in AWS and, for easy and quick repeatability, fire up a docker container in the instance.

The reason that I originally thought to do this is that docker in RHEL is supposed to inherit the subscription aspects of the underlying host. Unfortunately, this simply doesn’t work as expected in AWS.

After a bit of experimentation, I determined the correct combination of artifacts from the base OS that would allow the docker container to function properly.

To make this process repeatable, these were wrapped up in a GitHub project that, for good measure, sets up a reasonable Ruby and Python development environment under a standard user account. This is pretty much what I needed for testing and it is a good and flexible use case for the container.

Hopefully this ends up being helpful to others and, as always, patches are always welcome!

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