Since Puppet was founded in 2005, Trevor Vaughan, Onyx Point co-founder and VP of engineering, has embraced Puppet’s declarative language to manage various stages of the IT infrastructure lifecycle. As an open source contributor, community supporter and user, he was integral in integrating Puppet in US government IT environments.

Still a disruptive capability in information technology, Puppet can manage:

  • Provisioning
  • Patching
  • Configuration management
  • Security and compliance

Built as cross-platform software, Puppet and Puppet Enterprise operate on Linux distributions, including RHEL (and clones such as CentOS and Oracle Linux), Fedora, Debian, Mandriva, Ubuntu, and SUSE, as well as on multiple Unix systems (Solaris, BSD, Mac OS X, AIX, HP-UX), and has Microsoft Windows support. Puppet’s easy to use language that requires limited programming knowledge made it a clear choice for users. As Puppet grew, so did Onyx Point’s base of core engineers skilled in the implementation, customization, and delivery of services to clients worldwide.

Today, Onyx Point is the only company certified and authorized by Puppet as a service delivery partner, reseller, and technology alliance partner. As a Puppet service delivery partner, Onyx Point helps customers to successfully develop, deploy and maintain infrastructures with Puppet. We are experts in Puppet and IT consulting, and are certified by Puppet. As such, we have access to deployment best practices, certification opportunities for our consultants, and ongoing support and enablement. This allows us to ensure that you are receiving the most qualified automation consultants in the business.

We are especially good at automating security best practice, compliance, commonly used infrastructure management tools, builds, testing--just about everything. Our goal is to heavily engage automation techniques in the infrastructure tier to create consistent platforms on which to run and develop secure applications.

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