Modern organizations have terabytes of unstructured or structured data that is constantly moving back and forth from one department to another, continuously evolving. This data comes in a wide variety of formats and can be stored in multiple databases within a large infrastructure. To combat this firehose of data, customers need a tool that can understand most data formats and can parse, edit, and make routing decisions based on the content of the data being pushed through the system. Once the data is formatted into the data type required, it can be pushed into your favorite databases, or shipped to other locations and systems.

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With Apache NiFi, customers gain a powerful Open Source Dataflow tool that allows administrators to design and implement large scale data processing pipelines. NiFi is configurable, extensible, and has security features designed around data provenance, multi-tenancy, and policy management to ensure that data moves throughout your systems in the manner you choose. It provides a modern drag-and-drop web interface to define the flow of data throughout a cluster, process it, and ship it to its end database or even another NiFi instance somewhere else.

Onyx Point, Inc. has been involved with NiFi since its inception as some of its earliest administrators, and leverages this experience to provide support and consulting services to customers.

Our experienced team can assist you in new installations as well as existing environments, optimizing both the NiFi flow configuration and the underlying OS to match your performance needs. We can set up multi-tenancy environments and develop a scaling plan that meets your short term and long term growth needs.

  • Annual support
  • Onsite consulting
  • Training
  • Custom Development (Processors, Framework and Integration)

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