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We develop, integrate, and configure technologies that enable
DevOps workflow, automation, and security best practice.

CIS Benchmarks Certified

SIMP Enterprise is now CIS certified for enforcement and remediation for Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019.

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"We chose SIMP Enterprise Edition (EE) to provide multi-tenant compliance enforcement for our federal customers. As an existing Puppet Enterprise (PE) environment, deploying SIMP was an easy decision. Our teams found added value in our project through an extended on-site engagement with Puppet Partner, Onyx Point, Inc.

Not only did SIMP EE provide an important solution, but the Partner was also able to upgrade our PE environment and integrate CloudBolt. The added expertise and ease of support throughout this project is what makes us continue to invest in SIMP within our infrastructure."

Technical Delivery Manager - Infrastructure Automation
Managed Services & Cloud Solutions

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An Award Winning Team

Finalist Cybersecurity Diversity Award 2020 - Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. Top Work Places 2020 - The Baltimore Sun Media Group Top Work Places 2019 - The Baltimore Sun Media Group Top Work Places 2018 - The Baltimore Sun Media Group Top Work Places 2017 - The Baltimore Sun Media Group

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Start compliant, stay compliant.

As attacks grow more complex, your security, dev and ops teams need tools built with the power and agility to meet these threats head on. With SIMP, your organization can have a tool that continuously monitors and remediates systems to sustain compliance with security baselines tailored to any organization's needs.

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Consulting Services

  • Think Forward

    We stay in step with latest technologies, methods, and legacy systems and bring our knowledge to you.

  • Listen & Plan

    We assess workflow and interpret your business goals into an actionable statement of work tailored to meet your needs and budget.

  • Develop & Configure

    Using a continuous integration and development model, our engineers develop modules and assist with infrastructure, security, automation, and compliance implementations.

  • Test

    As part of integrating new code, our developers write tests and verify updates through automated builds. If new features introduce problems, we can easily turn them off in production.

  • Release & Deploy

    Short release cycles make deployments manageable. We aim to reduce the time from when a feature is developed until it is placed into production. We’re able to deliver the features our customers want much faster.

  • Document & Transition

    Our deliveries are properly documented, and critical knowledge is transferred from us to you to ensure you continue to meet your goals and maintain a DevOps workflow.

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