Dylan Cochran

11 July 2017

(This is part 1 of a multi part series of posts about cool things you can do with Hiera v5 on modern Puppet versions)


In this blog post, I’m going to talk about a new feature added in Hiera v5, which is yaml file globbing.

Hiera is the data access layer for Puppet, and it is organized into hierarchies. When Puppet calls lookup(), it looks through each layer in the hierarchy, in order, and attempts to retrieve the value for a key from the layer. When it can’t find a key in the current layer, it continues on to the next one down, one at a time, until it finds a match.

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Lisa Umberger

13 June 2017

For the past year I have traveled all over the country to different technology events and conferences.  This past weekend I found myself in Charlotte, NC at the Southeast LinuxFest or SELF.  This is what I would call a grassroots event made up of a variety of technical people from all industries and all walks of life.  And you know what?!  I love this event!  I met a retired military man in his 60’s that pen tests with the best of them.  I met someone else who builds cars for a living who spends his free time on his passion; linux.  The event staff are friendly, accommodating, and very appreciative of support.


Lisa Umberger

01 June 2017

SIMP (System Integrity Management Platform), powered by Puppet, is designed to establish and operate consistent state infrastructures.  Too often, I hear organizations debate over whether to use Puppet or Ansible.  This debate may be fueled by a team’s desires to reduce cost, the comfort and knowledge of staff, and a move to consolidate tooling in a given stack. My position is, why not both?  

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Amanda Arnold

28 April 2017

SIMP 6.0.0 is available for download. In this unified release, you can simply run SIMP 6.0, whether you have Red Hat 6 or 7. This release fully supports Puppet 4 and integrates better with Puppet Enterprise. Please see the Changelog for the relevant release information.

simp, puppet

Amanda Arnold

23 February 2017

New and existing Government customers can now purchase both SIMP+SUPPORT and professional consulting services through GSA Advantage. This is a convenient and discounted purchasing option for our US Government customers, at 4% off of our commercial rates.

gsa, simp, puppet

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