Clayton Mentzer

18 July 2018

GitLab’s built in continuous integration (CI) tools are some of the best in the industry. Onyx Point has been leading an effort to improve GitLab’s CI security. Continue reading to learn more about how Onyx Point has implemented more secure job access controls in high-performance computing infrastructures.

programming, open-source, gitlab, DoE, security

Trevor Vaughan

14 July 2018

I recently needed to run some tests on a RHEL 7 system but needed a subscription to do so. The easiest and cheapest method for testing on RHEL is to spin up a small instance in AWS and, for easy and quick repeatability, fire up a docker container in the instance.

docker, RHEL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, AWS, Amazon Web Services, open source

Jessica Sauers

18 June 2018

Energy science hinges on High Performance Computing (HPC), and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) scientists write millions of lines of scientific simulation code every year to drive new discoveries. Simulations need to be tested and kept up to date, and the demand among scientists for robust continuous integration (CI) is growing.

gitlab, exascale computing project, ci, devops, DOE, HPC

Trevor Vaughan

04 June 2018

I was recently testing some puppet code that required a modification to the server_facts inbuilt variables.

This led me to discover that the puppet catalog is not recompiled at each run of compile.

puppet, testing, rspec-puppet, programming

Trevor Vaughan

26 May 2018


Several feature requests have been opened for various types of gitlab-ci.yml linting capabilities [1] [2] [3] [4]

Many of our customers do not have regular Internet access and many of them, being highly regulated, cannot install local copies of GitLab to be able to run against the provided API.

gitlab, testing, programming

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