Symphony - Where Accreditation Meets Automation - December 2018

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Hanover, MD, 06 December 2018

What are some of the biggest buzzwords in the Data Analytics industry today? Big Data, data mining, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), or Actionable Insights may have been a few that crossed your mind. Let’s not get started with “cyber” buzzwords.

You may already use tools that revolve around one or more of these technologies. What about utilizing all these technologies seamlessly together?

You probably think that would be a difficult and costly challenge. Now imagine seamlessly integrating these technologies securely. Now you’re thinking that’s just downright crazy! It would take you months to have administrators and engineers create a secure and compliant environment for your data scientists and analysts to use. What about automating the entire build as well? You would be accomplishing a harmonic feat to have all these tools compliant and accredited while automatically and rapidly provisioning your environment.

Such an technological masterpiece would be like the musical equivalent of Mozart creating Symphony No. 41 or Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. Welcome to Symphony, the technology equivalent of musicians (technologies) following a conductor (Symphony) to create a masterpiece (analytic environment) for the audience (data scientists/analysts) to embrace.

Symphony is an automated provisioning framework that rapidly builds secure analytic cells for geospatial, AI, and Machine Learning applications originally developed by MITRE. Symphony accelerates the process of deploying an analytic environment using automated tools to stand up the environment as well as bundle documentation and security controls within days. Symphony is accredited by MITRE up to the FISMA Moderate standard by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) formerly Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU). Without Symphony, the time to set up an accredited secure analytic cell can take a month up to 10 months. With Symphony, you can stand up an analytic cell in as little as a few days down to a single day. ONE DAY!!!

Remember when cloud was the buzzword being tossed around? Well today, cloud computing is here and in full motion. Are you using a 3rd party cloud provider to host your environment? Are you running a virtualization environment on-premise? Do you wonder which vendor lock-in Symphony is tied to? NONE, that’s right, Symphony is vendor agnostic. You can spin up an analytic cell with Symphony for both commercial and government providers in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or even your own VMware on-premise environment. MITRE is developing partnerships with companies to extend Symphony offerings with Onyx Point, LLC. being their first partner. We are also actively developing support for Microsoft’s Azure Stack, Red Hat’s OpenShift, IBM’s Cloud, and Google’s Cloud platforms.

You are no longer locked in an era forced to use only one or two tools together in a vendor-specific environment. You no longer need that specialized administrator, engineer, or developer to deploy the customized analytic environment for your data scientists and analysts. You no longer are limited by who can reproduce the results you need. Symphony is suited for Big Data analysis initiatives where data analytics, agility, reusability and scalability is all possible in one framework, in one solution where accreditation meets automation.

For further information about Symphony check us out here. Check out our video demonstration of Symphony here or reach out via email for more information on how you can leverage Symphony for your analytic Big Data needs.

Vance is a solutions architect for Onyx Point and brings over a decade of variety IT fields, including systems engineering, security engineering, and various scales of development across a wide variety of industries.

At Onyx Point, our engineers focus on Security, System Administration, Automation, Dataflow, and DevOps consulting for government and commercial clients. We offer professional services for Puppet, RedHat, SIMP, NiFi, GitLab, and the other solutions in place that keep your systems running securely and efficiently. We offer Open Source Software support and Engineering and Consulting services through GSA IT Schedule 70. As Open Source contributors and advocates, we encourage the use of FOSS products in Government as part of an overarching IT Efficiencies plan to reduce ongoing IT expenditures attributed to software licensing. Our support and contributions to Open Source, are just one of our many guiding principles

  • Customer First.
  • Security in All We Do.
  • Pursue Innovation with Integrity.
  • Communicate Openly and Respectfully.
  • Offer Your Talents, and Appreciate the Talents of Others

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