SIMP Dev Diary - November 9th

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Dylan Cochran

Hanover, MD, 09 November 2018

In this month’s dev diary, we have SIMP 6.3 beta news, updates on the SIMP Console, the SIMP free trials, and two new testing programs!

6.3 Beta

As some of you have seen within the 6.2 announcement, 6.3 is approaching relatively quickly to make sure that SIMP fully supports Puppet 5.x before Puppet 4.x reaches end-of-life on December 31st, 2018. Outside of updating to support Puppet 5 and Hiera v5, this release will contain mostly bug fixes since 6.2.

We are on track to release the beta version in mid November, with the first release candidate before the end of the month.

SIMP Console

Since the announcement of the SIMP Console in August, we’ve been diligently working on designing and building the best user interface to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. One of the adaptations we’ve made from our original design was to modify the console design to be centered around nodes.

Screenshot of the SIMP Console Nodes

A node can be a server, a firewall, a network switch, or even a iSCSI LUN. Anything that has an IP address on the network and can be scanned or hardened against attacks is a ‘node’. We now lay out the nodes in a flexible, user controlled hierarchy, familiar to what in seen in a conventional filesystem. The goal is to provide system users the ability to assign (and eventually auto-assign) nodes to folders based on the ownership, location, or other organizational unit that matches their internal infrastructure needs. Users then can control permissions, set attributes, and aggregate results based on folders.

Screenshot of the SIMP Console Folders

This structure currently has to be set up by hand, but we are working on automatic assignment, with the goal that the console will be able to use Puppet Discovery, Puppet Enterprise node classification, LDAP hierarchy, VMware vSphere console, or other inventory services to automatically assign nodes to their respective folders on your existing systems.

Screenshot of the SIMP Console Drawer

Free Trials of SIMP Enterprise and SIMP Lite

We are now offering 60-day FREE Trials of SIMP Enterprise and SIMP Lite, for use with up to 10 nodes. Just fill out the forms below and you’ll be emailed a trial license key and information on how to download.

SIMP Enterprise Beta & Test Pilot program

At Onyx Point, we value any and all feedback from our users and customers. To better serve you, we are pleased to announce we will be starting two new programs, the SIMP Enterprise Beta program and the SIMP Test Pilot program.

The SIMP Enterprise Beta program will be made available to ALL existing customers. You will receive an email requesting you to opt-in to the Beta program. Once signed up, you will receive periodic emails when a new beta version is available of individual components, such as the SIMP Console, or when new beta releases of the full EE ISO releases are available. Each email will contain instructions on how to download, install, and how to send us feedback. We are hoping that by delivering these updates early enough, we can improve your user experience and deliver the products you need.

In addition, we are also creating the SIMP Test Pilot program, which will be open to the public. Joining the SIMP Test Pilot program will opt-in to receiving periodic emails containing optional surveys and opportunities for focus group or interviews. Just visit this link and sign up!

We are hoping that by starting these programs, we can solicit even more direct feedback to make an even better product!

Want to learn more about SIMP? Download our whitepaper! or request a free trial of SIMP Enterprise Edition.

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