SIMP Console Beta 0.20.0 Available

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Dylan Cochran

Hanover, MD, 09 April 2019

SIMP Console Beta 0.20.0 Available

We are proud to announce the availability of SIMP Console 0.20.0. This version of the SIMP Console marks the first release containing report generation capabilities. This initial subsystem only supports scap_result reporting in HTML, PDF, and XLSX, but has the capability to be extended to other reporting formats in subsequent releases, and even is part of our plugin API so customers can write their own report generators.

Report View

At this stage of the beta program, we are not guaranteeing database backward compatibility. When upgrading from a previous version of the SIMP Console, to 0.20.0, you will most likely have to rm -rf /var/db/simp/simp-console.db if using SQLite, or drop database and create database if using PostgreSQL. Once SIMP Console 1.0 is released we will fully support database upgradability.

Release Notes

  • Implement report generation system
  • Create a report generator called ‘scap_result’
  • Create report exporters for HTML, PDF, and XLSX
  • Add ‘nodes in use’ to the license key page and the invalid license notice
  • Clean up page titles
  • Unmark numerous pages from being ‘Beta’ to ‘Production’ to match their maturity status.
  • Add ‘pry’ subcommand to drop into the debugger of a live system
  • Add database table data upgrading using a ‘system’ flag for records that are pre-generated
  • Add Notifications internal API
  • Add email and slack plugins by default
  • Numerous bugfixes


Feedback can be sent by clicking on the ‘Feedback’ link in the user dropdown, or by direct email.

SIMP Console Documentation

The latest revision of all SIMP Console documentation will be found here.

Quick Installation Instructions

In order to install simp-console packages from the unstable repository, you need to have a valid SIMP EE or LE license key in /etc/simp/license.key.

sudo yum install
sudo yum install simp-vendored-ruby
sudo yum install simp-console-0.20.0
sudo service simp-console start

Want to learn more about SIMP? Download our whitepaper! or request a free trial of SIMP Enterprise Edition.

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