Deploy Applications With Security Built In.

Automation is the key to faster deployments.It’s the foundation for continuous delivery and DevOps practices. It enforces consistency across your development, testing and production environments, and ensures you can quickly make changes throughout your infrastructure: bare metal servers, virtual machines, containers, and cloud deployments.

As a Puppet service delivery partner, Onyx Point helps customers to successfully develop, deploy and maintain infrastructures with Puppet. We are experts in Puppet and IT consulting, and are certified by Puppet. As such, we have access to deployment best practices, certification opportunities for our consultants, and ongoing support and enablement. This allows us to ensure that you are receiving the most qualified automation consultants in the business. So if you need help managing other technology stacks — across the data center, across private and public clouds, across virtual machines and containers-- you’ve come to the right place. We are especially good at automating security best practice, compliance, commonly used infrastructure management tools, builds, testing--just about everything. Our goal is to heavily engage automation techniques in the infrastructure tier to create consistent platforms on which to run operations. Puppet is our go-to solution in this capacity. For automating ongoing operations, we can use Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt, etc.

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