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Garrett Adams

14 September 2020

GitLab’s built-in Continuous Integration (CI) tools are some of the best in the industry. Onyx Point, LLC. has been continuing our efforts to improve GitLab’s CI security. Continue reading to learn more about integrating GitLab CI with high-performance computing (HPC) resource schedulers.

programming, open-source, gitlab, DoE, security

Steven Pritchard

21 September 2020

This post is the last post in a three-part series on Puppet module development using the Puppet Development Kit (PDK), adapted from a presentation for the St. Louis Puppet Users Group.

In part 1, we covered getting started with PDK. In part 2, we talked about customizing PDK for your own use. It’s been a while since those parts were released. Originally part 3 was going to talk about annoyances, gotchas, and various other random oddities in PDK. Fortunately, there has been a ton of development work going on in PDK so most of that is in the distant past.

Now, for part 3, my final post on PDK (for now), we’re going to explore adding additional test coverage to converted modules.

puppet, pdk, rspec, testing, programming, technical

judy johnson

29 September 2020

Onyx Point was a finalist for the 2020 MD Cybersecurity Awards’ Cybersecurity Diversity Award. We did not win but had a great time at the online ceremony. One of the things that struck me the most was the sense of community at the event. Although it was only a few presenters and an online chat, one could tell that people knew and were comfortable with each other based on sincere congratulations, silly jokes, and creative acceptance speeches.

As a believer in diversity and inclusion, it touched me how open and inclusive the local Cybersecurity community is. I am part of the local DevOps community and feel that this community is also incredibly inclusive and diverse. This feeling of community is also important within our company, and I am hoping this is helping with Onyx Point’s attempt to continue improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

techgirlz, diversity, programming, OOP

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