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Dylan Cochran

07 May 2019

SIMP Console 1.0 Available

Today marks a benchmark for SIMP products as we are excited to announce the availability of SIMP Console 1.0.0.!

The SIMP Console provides insight into your system’s continuous compliance posture and integrates data from the SIMP Compliance Engine to visualize the state of your Puppet-applied module parameters.

Out of the box, SIMP Console includes:

  • Support for ingesting XCCDF(SCAP) results from a number of scanning engines
  • Integration with SIMP Compliance Engine (SCE) to provide puppet oriented context information
  • Reports generated in XLS, HTML, and PDF format
  • Notification system for forwarding results to Email and Slack
  • A client side scanning utility that automates scanning and collection for console feed
  • Integration with AD, LDAP, and Google Authentication
  • Full Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and delegation of privileges by assigning users specific roles on a subset of nodes
  • A fully featured plugin system to access/create notification services, scan types, custom reports, and authentication backends

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