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Jay Stoner

01 December 2017

We're excited to be named one of the Baltimore area's Top Workplaces 2017 by the Baltimore Sun! This is a testament to our amazing employees, without whom this wouldn't have happened.

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Dylan Cochran

05 December 2017

We're excited to announce the general availability of SIMP Fundamentals training! The three-day course covers the principles and practical knowledge to assist you in customizing and maintaining the SIMP framework. Our first offering is scheduled to begin February 27th, 2018

Register now, only 15 slots available!

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Trevor Vaughan

10 December 2017

The Problem

While creating a custom type for cleaning up stunnel::instance artifacts on the system, I needed to get a list of services that were running on the current host.

This is also something that the svckill native type requires, and was implemented manually in the past, so I thought that there had to be a more reusable method built into Puppet.

programming, puppet, ruby

Trevor Vaughan

17 December 2017

In the course of developing and testing various components for working with Puppet, I had a particularly difficult time with stubbing calls to other Ruby objects outside of my control.

After a ridiculous amount of searching, I finally found the answer that made the whole process seamless.

ruby, mocha, testing, stub

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