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Lisa Umberger

01 June 2017

SIMP (System Integrity Management Platform), powered by Puppet, is designed to establish and operate consistent state infrastructures.  Too often, I hear organizations debate over whether to use Puppet or Ansible.  This debate may be fueled by a team’s desires to reduce cost, the comfort and knowledge of staff, and a move to consolidate tooling in a given stack. My position is, why not both?  

simp, ansible, puppet

Lisa Umberger

13 June 2017

For the past year I have traveled all over the country to different technology events and conferences.  This past weekend I found myself in Charlotte, NC at the Southeast LinuxFest or SELF.  This is what I would call a grassroots event made up of a variety of technical people from all industries and all walks of life.  And you know what?!  I love this event!  I met a retired military man in his 60’s that pen tests with the best of them.  I met someone else who builds cars for a living who spends his free time on his passion; linux.  The event staff are friendly, accommodating, and very appreciative of support.


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