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Amanda Arnold

02 December 2016

The release of SIMP 6.0.0 Alpha is now available for community test and feedback. This release uses Puppet 4, which is distributed as a single RPM by the Puppet all-in-one (AIO) installer. Starting with 6.0.0, the SIMP version numbering scheme will follow Semantic Versioning 2.0.0. SIMP 6.0.0 will support all operating systems under that numbering scheme moving forward.

Here are some items of note about this release:

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Amanda Arnold

05 December 2016

SIMP and its product steward, Onyx Point, LLC., were sponsors of Puppet Conf 2016. This year’s premier IT Automation conference was held in San Diego, California and highlighted product releases and improvements, technical break-outs, and security tracks to unite DevOps professionals over common interests and challenges.

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Lisa Umberger

06 December 2016

As an IT security professional, one of the biggest challenges I face is determining whether the system I am responsible for meets the applicable compliance requirements. I’m not talking about meeting them to pass a compliance audit, but actually meeting them on a continual basis, under all circumstances. When my System Admins need to troubleshoot, I want the system to be compliant. When an upgrade is made, I want the system to be compliant. I want the system to remain compliant and ensure that a means is in place to easily demonstrate that compliance to me.

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Amanda Arnold

12 December 2016

On November 28th, Onyx Point’s offer to the U.S. General Services Administration was accepted for final award under GSA IT Schedule 70 (GENERAL PURPOSE COMMERCIAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT, SOFTWARE, AND SERVICES). This contract, GS-35F-086GA, is a five-year agreement between Onyx Point, LLC. and the GSA to offer goods and services to government customers at a discounted rate from published commercial pricing. Our company President, Jay Stoner, notes “The award of our GSA contract marks a significant milestone for Onyx Point, as it allows us to better serve existing and future customers by  offering our goods and services to the broader government community at a discounted rate. This award is the culmination of months of hard work by our employees and we are grateful for their efforts. We’re excited by this opportunity and look forward to working with the GSA. ”

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